Lagu waktu masi anak-anak

Nasi, sayur, ikan

Nasi, sayur dan ikan
Telur serta minuman
terhidang hangat diatas meja aku siap menyantapnya
Wahai Allah
Rezeki ini semoga bermanfaat
bagi diriku..

Tukang es

ting ting ting ting 2x
tukang es berdenting-denting
ting ting ting ting 2x
es sirup dengn kolang-kaling

sungguh lezat nikmat rasanya
tapi aku sedang puasa
harus dapat menahan goda
maaf bang lain kali saja 2x


busy lady

you know what? i can stop thinking bout you lately..

i dont know why, i never been like that before…but since we’ve been together for the last three months..i know many good things about you.

Please keep our relationship even though we’re not together anymore right now…

i just can’t stop thinking about you…busy lady..
you and your work…it’s always be like that..
i wonder if you thnking about me too…i think it will never be like that…
just you and your work…

get better soon

promised me you will get better soon..
don’t let your emotion shake and blend your feelings..
don’t let everybody let you that you are not good..

people hardly can do anything, so they try to tell you that you cannot do that too..

be yourself..
just keep going…
be tough..
and don’t let go my friend…

my dearest friend..your the only one i have..
that is my soul…
my soul is my only friend right now…
coz everybody starts turning around from me..
but i hope you’re not…

if we trust each other…we can challenge the world..
but if we are weak..we will die by the change of the world..