good dream what’s for?

Sometimes I wonder why, I have so many good dream recently, like what I have tonight. I dreamed of her, we’re together in my father’s car. Seems like we’re going somewhere. But I guess she must be on her holiday back to Indonesia. There’s one of my friend too in that car, but he sit besides my dad since I insist to sit in the back seat with her. I think it is on spring/summer season (they have spring holiday there isn’t it? or summer) I don’t know but I guess between that, cause in that dream when I asked her when she will come back to Europe to study, she said that she will go back on October. I was so happy I could scream in that dream, cause it seems like she had gone for a long time that I’ve missed her so much. I spend my moments with her talking about life and her college. I put my head on her shoulder and grab her hand and circle hers on mine, like we are couple. She said it was okay cause she knows I’ve missed her and she did too. It was a really good dream that I feel like I don’t wanna wake up anymore.

Then I suddenly wake up and find out that It was only a dream. The real condition is that we seldom talk or chat anymore, maybe she had already forgotten me or not. I don’t know for sure but I will always remember her though.

My love for her is gradually increased day by day, different than any other woman, but I don’t know how to change myself to become awesome in front of her. I know that maybe she sees me today as nothing compared to her success but maybe it’s just my feeling.

but the real reason is why sometimes I have so many good dreams recently, is it shows that in my deep subconscious mind, I feel lonely, or maybe it’s a sign from God to encourage me to face my life with brave, or maybe it’s just sleep flower, or the devil’s try to disturb me. I don’t know but I just wanna capture these kind of dream into post, that maybe sometimes when all these dream happened, I remember that I had these kind of dream before. That’s because before this dream, I found out that some of my dreams long time ago, become true moments, but I already long forgotten when. So I hope it happens and it’s not a bad sign for my true life.


tulisan pagi

Halo gays,

Sudah lama ya tidak post di buku berdebu ini.
namanya aja buku berdebu, ya mungkin aja bisa jarang diisi.
cuma gw pengen update aja kali aja beberapa tahun kemudian gw baca lagi kisah2 gw..

so hari ini gw bangun jam 3, dan lagi2 lupa solat isya dan gosok gigi.
gw cape banget dan ga ada yang bangunin kalo tidur sendirian di kosan gini.,

tapi btw, akhirnya gw ga tidur sampe azan tiba, dan yaudah gw langsung aja berangkat ke mesjid tuk solat subuh.
kebetulan mesjid juga deket dari kosan gw.

anyway, harusnya kan gw belajar kok malah ngeblog.